How To Learn Spanish

How to learn Spanish faster has always been a question people have asked.  The real answer is to spend six to twelve months in a Spanish speaking country.  Most people aren’t able to do that, so the next best answer is to use a training program.  I was fortunate enough to have spent a great deal of time in Spanish speaking countries.

The main purpose of this site is to review programs that teach you how to learn Spanish.  There are many programs out there, but they’re not all created equally.  One of my favorites is Rocket Spanish and for good reason – the quality far exceeds the cost (under $100 as of today).

How To Learn Spanish Criteria

The criteria I’ll be using is Audio, Exercises, Interface, Online Lessons, Practice, Price, Support, and Video.  I felt that each of these criteria was important in making an informed decision.

I may add to or change the criteria over time, but for now these seemed to be the best.  One of the things I wanted to be sure was on here is Online Lessons.  This is because nobody wants to be tied to using a DVD player on their laptop or desktop.

How To Learn Spanish Faster

I mentioned this earlier, but it comes up often.  I’ll bet that you want to learn how to speak Spanish faster – right?  It’s easy enough to do if you can spend lengthy time in a Spanish speaking country or if you get the right training program.

I think that using a training program like Rocket Spanish is ideal even if you’re able to spend time in a Spanish speaking country.  That gives you an edge to the language before you even arrive in the country.

Learning Spanish faster is ideal for most people and I look forward to hearing from you!